DIY Synth & Fx Workshop presented by ELECTRONIC BEATS / Köln

29.05.2015 - 16:00 Uhr

Palladium in Köln

This workshop is presented by ELECTRONIC BEATS and is part of the Electronic Beats Festival Cologne on 29.05.2015. Start time 16h, please calculate a duration of 4 hours, depending on your skills. Workshop will take part at Palladium.

Every participant can build our new DIY machine:

NTBA - Noise To Brain Adapter:
In times where telephony is taking the step to voice-over-IP technology, we offer the old Telekom NTBA's of the ISDN-era a second lifetime. With your help we will transform them into 'Noise To Brain Adapters'!

This is the name of our new Chiptune-Synth, which we specially developed for the EB-Festivals. Gamers will love it's sound - it reminds of 8-bit sound generated by old game consoles. It has minimum 9 different modes, 3 knobs for sound variations, gate & cv in for integrating it in analoge and modular synth setups. View the full list of features here on Google

The workshop fee is 60€ and includes all parts, box and of course you can take it home with you!

Soldering info:
You don´t have to be a professional but a bit soldeing experience is really really helpful. Please bring soldering iron and tools! Here you find some recommendations for low cost soldering equipment.

The workshop takes part at location t.b.a. and is a cooperation with ELECTRONIC BEATS.

A registration is necessary and binding! 30€ advance payment has to be paid right after the online registration by PayPal, because we are not fucking rich and cannot buy parts for many hundred € if we don't know that you will definitely show up. Please read the information on the registration page!!! Thanks!