DIY Synth & Soundbox Workshop / Aachen

12.08.2017 - 12:00 Uhr

Niemandsland Festival in Aachen

Our workshop will be part of the Niemandsland Festival near Aachen and will take part on august, 12. It is a very small festival in the woods with a familiar atmosphere and nice music, good food. You need the festival ticket for booking the workshop!

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Microphonic Soundbox (115€) is an experimental instrument, that can be seen as a sound design tool. Depending on how you integrate it in a soft- or hardware setup, it lets you really enter unheard and otherworldly sound spheres. We want to offer an instrument, which is ready as it is but it also should be a platform for experimentation - combine and play it with different metarials! You could play it into mixing desks, complex software patches, loopers or modular synths. It is made for sound exploration and research and creating unheard musical sounds. Easy for beginners!

NoiseFoc (65€) is an experimental VCO (Oscillator) with light control and power starving. Good for drones, noise or non 1V/Oct stuff. It features 3 Oscillators: 2 controlled by potentiometers, 1 with a fix freq or light control. CV In, diode mixed Out, resistor mixed Out. It's also nice as a CV source for crazy modulations. It is a good beginners project.

For experienced DIYers (no beginners) I can also bring our VCO-1 (85€), but please order that before by email (mail leaf-audio com). VCO-1 is an analogue oscillator in Eurorack format which will be accompanied by an expander module soon, which adds lots of functions to it. Click on the link above for more info.

Good accompaniment & 100% functional guarantee
Our workshops are well organized and supervised plus you receive a 100% functional guarantee! If it does not work, we replace it in the workshop. Normally we charge 15€ per person to finance that but Niemandsland is so kind to take that, so no extra costs for you!

A registration is necessary and binding!
Book the tickets via Niemandsland Festival. You will need the festival ticket to have access to the workshop.

Soldering info
You don´t have to be a professional but a bit soldeing experience is really really helpful. If you have, please bring soldering iron and tools! We will also have 15 Ersa irons which you can borrow. Here you find some recommendations for low cost soldering equipment.

The workshop takes part at Niemandsland Festival.