DIY Synth & Fx Workshop / Berlin

04.03.2017 - 13:00 Uhr

Panke in Berlin

In this well accompanied DIY workshop you can build one of our DIY synths. Generally you should have a little bit of basic soldering experience, but some projects are good for beginners. If you have questions or need advice, just ask us. You can build one of this machines:

Our newest module is the VCO-1 (85€). It's an analogue oscillator in Eurorack format which will be accompanied by an expander module soon, which adds lots of functions to it. Click on the link above for more info.

Our BassTrommel mk2 (85€) is a clone of the TR-808 bassdrum and this is simply one of the best bassdrums in electronic music ever. It can be triggered by an internal sensor or through audio signals, without midi, directly by your audiointerface. Works absolutely professional in the studio or live. Click the link for more info.

The DroneSynth (70€) includes four oscillators, a mixer, filter and a CV controlled VCA. It has two channels with two oscillators on each channel plus mixer, filter, VCA. This is a good beginners project. More info via the link.

Our Kaputt Monkey Fuzz (90€) is specially adapted to the needs of guitar and bass players. It is a brutal fuzz distortion, but a f*****g killer, which mangles beats and synths as sexy as guitars. Scream, shriek and fuzz, insane.

Power supplies are generally not included, you can buy them via our own shop after the workshop when you know what exactly you need.

Good accompaniment & 100% functional guarantee
Our workshops are well organized and supervised plus you receive a 100% functional guarantee! If it does not work, we replace it in the workshop. To finance these qualities, we charge an additional workshop fee of 15 € which also finances travel & accommodation.

A registration is necessary and binding!
30€ advance payment has to be paid right after the online registration by PayPal. If you don't send the advance payment, your place will be given away! Please read the information on the registration page! Thanks!

Soldering info
You don´t have to be a professional but a bit soldeing experience is really really helpful. Please bring soldering iron and tools! We will also have 15 Ersa irons which you can borrow. Here you find some recommendations for low cost soldering equipment.

The workshop takes part at Panke, Gerichtstr. 23, Berlin-Wedding. Website and approach is here and Facebook there.