Synth & effect DIY kits

Here you´ll find an overview about all our kits, which we currently offer in our do-it-yourself workshop series.

VCO-1 - Analogue Oscillator for Eurorack Modular

VCO-1 is an analogue oscillator for the modular Eurorack system. From autumn 2016 it can be complemented by VCO-1 Expander, which adds many functions like sync, lin. FM, wave morphing, LFO with various waveforms and modulation targets etc. VCO-1 is temperature stable and provides a clean 1V/oct tracking over minimum 5 octaves.

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Noise To Brain Adapter (NTBA)

Standalone or Eurorack-module feat. 12 modes from four categories: 1) Squarewave OSC with PWM & LFO's, 2) Chiptune, 3) Noise & FM, 4) Clocking/Trigger modes. This thing is a damned swiss army knife for every Eurorack system.

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Kaputt Monkey Fuzz

Scream, shriek and fuzz. This one chokes your sound to death. Brutal fuzz, suitable for guitar players and also synth freaks. Mangles everything and makes you sexy.

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Hairy Bastard Fuzz

With the Hairy Bastard Fuzz we now have a fuzz distortion, specially adapted to the needs of guitar and bass players. Overdrive can go home - it has to fuzz and squeeze the sound!

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A 4-oscillator stereo DroneSynth with oscillator-sync, mixer, filter and VCA, which can also be controlled by external control voltages.

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BassTrommel (Bassdrum)

Our BassTrommel is based on the bassdrum of the legendary TR-808. We made it better and made it ready for Eurorack modular synths.

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NoiseFoc Deluxe (Synth)

NoiseFoc Deluxe is the biggest of our NoiseFoc family. It features 3 oscillators, two different mixing circuits, a light sensor and a modulation input.

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NoiseFoc (Synth)

The NoiseFoc is the original version of our NoiseFoc family. It features 3 oscillators, light control and two mixing-modes.

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NoiseFoc-Mini (Synth)

NoiseFoc-Mini offers a perfect introduction to diy for beginners. One of the two oscillators can be controlled by light.

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Sequence-O-Matic (Sequencer)

Looks like a simple lunchbox, but is a cool sequencer for controlling any professional synthseizer that offers a cv- and gate-input.

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SQUEeezR (Synth) - [not available anymore]

SQUEeezR is a small diy synth featuring 4 oszillators, shich are played by 4 selfmade pressure sensors. Perfect for beginners!

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Fuzz-O-Mat (Distortion) - [not available anymore]

Our Fuzz-O-Mat is god's lethal lash, camouflaged as a snack box!!! It is a super heavy and kaputt sounding distortion wich works for synth, beats, guitar and bass.

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Bumsss (Drum Synth) - [not available anymore]

Bumsss is a drum synthesizer that can be triggered by beating the box. LFO and noise... al on board. It can deliver synthetic drums and percussions.

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