Production supervison is a cost effective way for smaller bands and bedroom producers, who produce mostly in house, to upgrade an audio production.

Who has not experienced the familiar scenario of after many weeks of working on a project it can not be decided on whether the sounds are perfect or not, and ideas for changes can be slow in coming. Does the bass drum fit together with the bass? Does the mix sound too flat? Can one change the panoramic positioning of the instruments, to make room for the vocals? Will the mix be well suited for the forthcoming Audio Mastering?

The amiable, unbiased nature and professional opinion of an outsider is worth its weight in gold. Any questions can be answered quickly and without complication with practical tips and suggestions about changes being proposed. To give an example, it may look something like this:

Pull out 85Hz in the bass drum at a narrow bandwidth and push the bass a little in the same range. Percussion "X" move slightly to the right and bring down the heights, then add a 2KHz boost to the vocals to make them clearer and give it a small-room-effect with 30% effect and a pre-delay of 60msec.

We would love to accompany you as a creative and critical voice from the background in order to get more out of your projects. Such supervision can occur repeatedly during production by exchanging files via email or upload. By special request, we also can support you with one of our audio workshops.