The Studio

Our studio specializes in Audio Mastering, mixing, post production, audio restoration and recording of voice and individual instruments. Our premises is not suitable for the recording of bands, choirs and large ensembles.

With the exception of a few treasures, such as a premium-quality analog compressor from Prime Analog and an analog summer from SPL, LeafAudio works primarily on a digital basis, using first class plug-ins and analog emulations from various state of the art manufacturers. In this way, all settings are saved and customer change requests will be implemented quickly. LeafAudio has deliberately omitted a large analog equipment park and oversized rooms which is reflected in the low pricing offered to our customers.

Hardware:   MacPro, Prime Analog, SPL, RME, Motu, Dynacord, Brauner, BPM, Sennheiser
Monitoring: Yamaha, Cambridge Audio, Raumklang Fixx, Sennheiser & Beyerdynamic
Software:    Logic X, Cubase 7.5, Ableton 8/9, Wavelab, Vienna, iZotope Rx, Reaktor
Plugins:       SSL, iZotope, SPL, NI, Waves, Ohm Force, Fab Filter, Elysia Alpha, Melda Production