The best audio production is deemed worthless if it is not optimally mixed. At times, one hears a song or an album, in which everything about it is just perfect - the music, the sound, the audio mastering. The overall sound is great and clear, the main voice has its place, embellishments widen themselves and a sense of a three-dimensional image is formed creating depth and breadth. When everything sounds natural and rounded, the listeners are happy and the expert knows immediately that there has been much dedication, love, and know-how involved in its production.

Leaf Audio mixes individual pieces or albums. By putting to optimal use the latest in digital technology and state of the art plug-ins, changes are possible at any time.

For the initial mix, the individual tracks must be in either .aiff or .wave file formats. The number of individual instrumental tracks one needs is dependent on the type of music and its instrumentation and should be individually catered around based on the type of production.

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