When one transfers the production of a song or an entire album to someone it is ultimately a matter of trust and taste. Trust in the skills to handle technology, sound design, music and the musician. Each producer and sound engineer also has their own preferences of music, style and sound, where creative ideas bubble up and enrich the production. While our main focus is on electronic, experimental, acoustic music and atmospheric sounds, we have an open mind to other areas of music.

Leaf Audio also executes production for albums. This is dependent on the instrumentation, as our studio - beside the Audio Mastering, sound design, etc. - is mostly designed for recording of individual instruments and voices, less so for the recording of large ensembles.

On the other hand, when it comes to audio production one should consider personal musical preferences and skills, that would form the basis upon which we would work best together. We would prefer to clarify all these issues in an personal interview. In the event that the capability of the studio does not suffice, we are prepared to utilize other spaces and methods.