Dynamic Mastering

Dynamic Audio Mastering vs hyper-compression

In recent years, it has come into fashion, to squeeze the last bit of headroom out of a recording in favor of extra loudness. This is what is known as hyper-compression.

There are many compelling reasons to avoid hyper-compression. Our hearing is not naturally designed for it and the listener will physically tire faster while also subconsciously creating stress. The recordings themselves have less attack transients, often poor sound rendition on the radio, override the digital to analog converter of various audio players, and most notably, the natural quality of the sound is in fact worsened.

Many currently published audio productions have a remaining miserable dynamic of 5dB or even less. Our hearing has an extent of approx 130 dB! Virtually every player has a volume control, in the event that someone desires to hear an album louder.

What does LeafAudio stand for?

At LeafAudio we stand by the conviction, that a dynamic album could outlast the fad of hyper-compression. We always aim to produce the most dynamic Audio Mastering that is possible.

The prerequisite that applies to delivered mixes is that they should still have full dynamic range and not be reduced by the use of limiter plugins during mixdown. Unfortunately, if a mix is overly adulterated, it is already too late to do anything further with it, and therefore, can not be mastered in our studio.

We will gladly raise the loudness of the music, but never at the at the expense of sound´s quality. Exactly when the turning point is reached, depends on the type of music and the mix. A metal production tolerates more loudness than a jazz recording.