Data delivery

To achieve the best possible sound from the mastering, please read through the following information carefully.

Sampling rates: For different applications, different sampling rates of audio files are needed (CD 44.1 kHz, movie 48 kHz). To achieve the best possible quality, please export your mixdown in the current sampling rate of the project. Of course, we will gladly make any necessary changes for you.

Data formats: Wave of Aiff

Media: Please upload files in ZIP or RAR. Or data to CD-R or DVD-R. If possible, refrain from sending audio CD´s due to the resolution of an audio CD being only 16 bits. No matter what system or program you are working on – it certainly is able to export 24 or 32 bits. More bits = more dynamics.

Dithering: Please do not dither.

Crossfading: If a track needs a fade-in or fade-out, you can leave this to us. Simply make a note indicating something in regards to fade in question. For example: "Track 3: fade-in from 00:00 to 00:08." The reason behind this lays in possible dynamic processing during the Audio Mastering and as a result, sometimes fades could sound stepped or odd.

Start and end of files: Be sure to add one to two seconds of silence at the beginning and end of the title when exporting. Sometimes at these positions clicks could sneak in, which then must be edited. We will cut out any unnecessary silence.

Compression / Limiting: A little compression, if regarded necessary, is ok so long as it is not used excessively. However, please under no circumstances use a finalizer or maximizer in your mix!
Heavily compressed tracks often sound quite flat, have no „punch“, and a mastering is almost impossible. In such instances, these mixdowns must be returned to the customer. If you have any particular ideas or suggestions in regards to how your music should sound, please send us a reference track.

Level of the delivered mixes: During the mixing you should aim to achieve a good level, but no louder than max. -1dB. Please avoid normalizing a silent mix (for example: one which has it´s peak at -20dB) to 0dB. The level should only be brought up to a good level during the mix and not afterwards. Please also refrain from changing sampling-rates or bit-depths after exporting.

Song titles and order: If possible, name your files according to the following example:

This information is crucial to avoid making any mistakes in the running order of the final master.

Text file with Track titles: Please be sure to include a text (txt) file along with the files being submitted which contains the following information:
1. Name of project
2. Title of album
3. Title of tracks in correct running order
4. Catalog number (if applicable)
5. Record label (if applicable)
6. ISRC code of the songs (if available)

We will use this information to set the CD-text, which will be displayable on an array of different media players.

Wish list: If you have any special requests concerning sound, transitions, breaks between songs, etcetera; we kindly ask that you be sure to indicate that to us so that we may be better able to cater to your individual needs.