Manuel Richter (born 1974). I am a trained audio engineer, studio- and live-musician. Ten releases as Xabec, some more with my elektropop duo Underwater Pilots. Tours as live-musician and tecnical coordinator a.o. with Haujobb. Producer, songwriter and sound-dude for Anne Clark, productions for Solitary Experiments, Haujobb, The Flood and many more, The Flood made it to position 2 of the european alternative charts with my production and the album was liked by Vince Clark. I did lectures at SAE Institute, Bayrische Musikakademie and others. I worked as a teacher for more than ten years and absolved trainings in musictherapy and psychotherapy before I fully dedicated myself to the passion for sound.

I am a trtained drummer and deeply connected with rhythm, but also was attracted by electronic and atmospherical sounds since my childhood. Meanwhile I am mostly doing electronic music, but totally open to everything else. My audiovisual drone-project Silent Walls is uncompromisingly focused on experimental composition.

Under the name LeafAudio I run my own studio since 2009, I'm working as an audio engineer, producing, mixing and mastering audio. (References). At the same time we're running a meanwhile well known workshop series, mainly about diy electronics and synths. We worked with partners like Electronic Beats, De:Bug, Clubtransmediale or Timewarp Festival.

Do you want to use my know-how for your production?

I am available for mastering, mixing and production work. My focus lies on electronic music but I have a lot of personal experience with other genres and generally a very wide understanding of music. I'd be happy to help with some affordable supervision of your project and make it more professional.

If your liveset needs a professional boost: I can offer a lot experience how to bring electronic music onto the stage (tech rider, communication, technical solutions and a lot more).

I am looking forward to new challenges!